FJ45 Troopy For Sale

If you’re having trouble finding a Troopy for sale, it’s because they’re very rare. To find them in great condition they are even more rare. Troopies had a much lower production run than the FJ40s or the FJ45 (pickups) The FJ45 Troopy was, at the time, less sought-after. Since many people used these vehicles for utility, the single-cab pickups made much more sense. Sure, carrying troops was important, but being able to haul stuff in the back was more important.

Toyota – through their market research – determined that there was a higher demand for the other body styles, and thus, produced less of the Troopy. What does that mean to us today? It means that they’re expensive. They’re hard to find and when you do find them, you can expect to pay a lot for them.

What about other countries?

I am often asked if I can find an FJ45 in great condition in another country. The short answer is “probably not.” First, in other countries they’re known as HJ45 because they used the “H” diesel engine. In Brazil, during the 70’s they most likely had the Mercedes diesel engine and would have been known as OJ rather than FJ or HJ. ┬áMake sense? So, you can possibly find the body style, but it will have a diesel engine rather than gas.

Next, the Troopy was rare in other countries as well. It was often used by Red Cross for an ambulance rather than a troop carrier. The longer wheel-base made it not as effective as a 4x4, but it has more covered space in the back. So, when you do find them, they were typically used in hospital, police or other public service. Unlike the States, they don’t normally take care of vehicles like we might. The Red Cross workers or Police in Latin America might not be as attentive to the mechanical details. They would prefer a fast fix rather than the right fix and so many of these fell into severe disrepair.

Our highest chance of finding a four-door would probably be a Bandierante out of Brazil. Still, they’re rare and very difficult to obtain. But we may be able to get one.

The Troopy in the picture above is pretty sweet. Looking to buy one? We may be able to help. Shoot me an email along with your proposed budget.