You could buy an FJ for sale on Ebay.  We link to some good ones below (scroll down). Or you can get a diesel version (B, O + H engines) by importing one from another country. I can help you buy a collectors, vintage Land Cruiser imported to the States. We import several Land Cruisers each year. Where will YOU be turning heads?

Tell us what you want

It all starts with an email. What type of Toyota Land Cruiser are you looking to import? Most countries have only the diesels while the US got the gas versions until 1975. BJ40s, HJ45’s, etc. Let us know what you have and we can start the process. Contact Us Here

Money Matters

Importing a Land Cruiser isn’t for everyone. We know it’s cool but it can also be expensive. If you want to save money, buy a gas version (FJ) cruiser pre-1976. (scroll down and see what’s on eBay now) FJs are the least expensive, Jeep-style, Land Cruisers you can find in the States. Diesels can cost $8-10k+ more than the gas versions. Bandierantes are even more.


Advice on Finding an LC

Our search process takes time and costs money. With a deposit, we will search out a vehicle for you. A larger deposit and we will buy that vehicle and get it to the US. As Americans we welcome the import of any and all Land Cruisers from around the world. Bring ’em here! We can also import other brands too. We just happen to really like the Toyotas.

Lots of Paperwork

Importing a Land Cruiser or other vehicle is a lot of work. We have registered customs brokers with the United States Customs and Border Protection. Our goal is to smooth out the process for you to import your vehicle to the States.

FJ40 For Sale – Land Cruisers for Sale on eBay

BJ40 For Sale – Used Land Cruisers for import

I love Toyota Land Cruisers. And you’re on this site because you do too. You may be searching for an FJ40 for sale or other Land Cruisers for sale. I have successfully imported tens of the the off-road oriented BJ40s (FJ40 in the States with gasoline engines). We import FJ40s with the bullet-proof “B” diesel engines for clients in the US. They are called BJ40s in other countries. If you really want the gas version FJ40, you can find a lot of them on eBay.  On the left are a few that I found.  Click them and take a look.

Why Import a Diesel Land Cruiser?

*Unlike Jeep Wranglers or other 4x4s, Land Cruiser values increase rather than decrease. *You can run these on biodiesel, vegetable oil or diesel. *Options! Top is removable! That is very cool and envy invoking. *Easy to find parts for these vehicles. *These diesel engines are engineered for a half a million miles or more!! *Mileage!! They can get 30+ MPG. Tell that to your Jeep dealer! *This is a rare vehicle! Diesels weren’t imported to the US….until now! *Use this to show off your business!! Want to get noticed? Park one of these babies outside!

What about Bandierantes?

We get asked a lot about the Brazilian Bandierante vehicles. Are there any Bandierantes for sale? The answer is “yes.” We also import Bandierantes with the diesel Mercedes engine. We can get the single cab pickup, the four-door pickup and the extended cab pickup. We can also get the “Jeep Style” vehicles. Lots of engine upgrades on the Bandi’s. Shoot us an email and we can talk.

The Process

Here is the process we follow to get your vehicle from another country into the United States.


Tell us what you want

You start the process by reaching out to us using our contact form below. Tell us what you want. We need the year and we’ll ask some questions about where the vehicle will ultimately reside. Please be as specific as possible in your description. We will connect with you and give you advice on getting the vehicle legally imported into the US.

The Money Talk

It is a bit expensive to bring vehicles into the US. Even though after a certain age they are exempt from EPA and DOT regulations, there is a good bit of paperwork with USCBP. There’s also the need to file the entry with Customs. The entry is a tax on the vehicle that the US charges to bring it in. Only a broker can file these documents and pay the entry for you.


Part of our service is to help you have everything you need to be able to legally drive your vehicle here in the USA. We want to make sure you get the vehicle you’re looking for and that you can drive it on the road…..legally!

Contact Us

Importing vehicles into the US takes a very specialized set of skills. We can help you with the process of receiving your vehicle here and making sure you have everything you need to legally register it and drive it.

Driving Back from Costa Rica

I have been asked a couple of times about driving back from CR to the US with a purchased BJ40 or HJ45 cruiser. If you've read my other posts, you can see that the process is a bit involved to ship a Land Cruiser to the US, so naturally we might think it would be...

Costa Rica Craigslist

Often, I get contacted to help find and export diesel BJ and HJ Cruisers from Costa Rica.  Buyers sometimes want to "fact check" me and the prices I quote them to get them a cruiser. They send me links from Craigslist Costa Rica. They feel that they've caught me or...

Starting a BJ40

Here's a quick post to instruct you on how to start a Toyota BJ40.  These are diesel so they don't start like normal gas powered vehicles.  And they don't start like modern diesel engines either. Starting the engine Insert Key - Turn key backwards and hold it there...

When do you own an imported vehicle?

Earlier today, I was working with someone interested in importing a Land Cruiser from Costa Rica. He was confused by the process and had some questions about the process and when you own an imported vehicle. He thought that it was when you title it so I wanted to...

Export and Import Process

Often, there is confusion on the process of getting a vehicle from one country to another. Dealing with Customs (in both countries) can seem pretty daunting. Here I will outline the process for you step-by-step so that you can better understand how to successfully...

History of the Land Cruiser

From the rubble of the Second World War, a defeated nation would rise to become one of the most technologically powerful entities on the planet. In the late 1940s, however, there were few indications of the potential Japan had; except, maybe, for one... Known as the...

We Import Toyota Land Cruisers

We help you import them into the US so that you can have the sweetest 4x4 ever made.

FJ55 for sale

I recently saw an FJ55 for sale in another country. It was going for around $13,000. I could have imported that vehicle for just under $5,000. It is so difficult to find a great condition FJ55 and this one was gorgeous. Here are a few photos I pulled off of the website where I saw it.

What are they worth?

FJ40 for sale


Are you looking for an FJ40 for sale? Other countries don’t have the gas versions, but have a lot of the diesels — BJ40. When you locate an FJ40/BJ40, it will be worth $15,000+ here in the States.  Better condition, higher value. I have seen them sell for over $35k.

FJ45/BJ45 Pickup

Lots of people are trying to find the FJ45 Pickup for sale.  There are lots of old Land Cruisers for sale, but find the Diesel version (BJ45) Price would be $20k+. These trucks are worth a fortune in the States if they’re in great condition.

FJ45LV Troopie

Everyone wants a Troopie. Man, if you have one of these with a diesel (H) engine in it, please bring it here to the US.  Just to have it grace our roads is an honor. They are worth a pretty penny here. Upwards of $35k depending on condition.


The Toyota Bandierante is unique. Brazil manufactured them long past when Toyota stopped that body shape/style. What is really cool is that you can get a MUCH better engine in a Bandierante than a similar BJ or HJ. Bandierantes sell for $24,000+ depending on model, engine, etc.

About Our Company

After visiting several countries around the world, we noticed that the US got short changed when it comes to Toyota Land Cruisers. We only received the gas versions (FJ) and we didn’t get any for about 20 years from 1976- the mid ’90s. How many more Toyota Land Cruiser lovers are in the States and simply cannot find one because Toyota NEVER IMPORTED THE DIESEL VERSION DURING THOSE YEARS? Or how many would love to have an FJ40 hard top or an FJ40 soft top but can’t get one because of the limited imports. That’s why I formed this company… to help you import the Land Cruiser that you love into this great nation. Our perfect client has some money and wants what he wants. He may also have a little bit of “let’s make everyone else jealous” inside of him. I can tell you that if you have one of these and you’re out and about, leave yourself a bit of extra time to speak to all of the people drooling over your rig.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to get started? If so, fill out the initial form just to the right. This will get the ball rolling and get you on your way to importing a vintage, collectible, 4x4. Here is an inspiring photo to get your creative juices flowing. We look forward to speaking with you.

Tricked out FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions we get here. These should help you understand the process of getting a Toyota Land Cruiser to you in the States.

The video above shows an illegally imported vehicle being crushed by US customs.  We do not alter vehicles to try to trick US customs. We ONLY do legal export and imports. If you’re looking to import illegally, please look elsewhere.

What Forms Are Needed In The US?
  • DOT HS-7 -- Because the BJ40 will be over 25 years old, you will declare #1 on the form.
  • EPA Form 3520-1 -- Because the vehicle is over 21 years old, you will declare code "E" on the form.
  • CBP Form 7501 -- You will need your ownership documentation, DOT HS-7 and EPA form 3520-1. The CBP form 7501 will be filled out at the port of entry when the vehicle is cleared and that will be your official evidence of import to the US. Form link
  • You will need a "Importer Number" to bring anything into the United States. This can be your social security number or an EIN number.  Here is a link to the new requirement. If you're uncomfortable giving out your SSN, then you can use an Employer Identification Number from the IRS.  The process of getting an EIN is fast and free.  Here is where you apply -
  • Customs Form 3299 -- You may want to look at whether you need this form too.
  • If you have one, send us a copy of the face sheet of your passport. State-issued driver's licenses are great, but when dealing with the US government, you might want to bring your US issued ID. (i.e. passport)
  • DMV Forms - The department of motor vehicles varies state by state.  You will need to contact your local DMV to see if there are any additional forms you may need.  Remember, if you plan on driving your vehicle from the port, you'll need a temporary permit from your state to put in on the vehicle so that you can legally drive it. (probably need insurance as well)
Are there import fees in the US?

Yes.  The US. Duty rates for automobiles* (excluding trucks) is 2.5% of the current blue book value. Total is 2.5% tariff +0.3464% processing fee so right around 2.85%.

There are also fees for filing the forms that you need and paying the entry. Send us an email and we can get you a quote.

Is it legal to import a vehicle from another country?

Absolutely. There is a ton involved in importing a vehicle from another country, but we take care of the hard work for you. 

What exactly does US Customs need to import my Land Cruiser?

US Customs would like to help you if at all possible.  You have to do your part.  It is not difficult, but there are regulations that HAVE to be followed to make sure you get your vehicle out of customs. Here is the link to the information you'll need. (See the first FAQ for forms)

What is ||Filing and Entry|| with US Customs

US Customs is charged with protecting the United States of America from harmful shipments.  That being said, they have rules and regulations to follow to receive your vehicle shipped from another country.  

Follow this set of instructions PRIOR to your vehicle hitting the ship and you'll have no problems at all.  

What about cars that are newer than 25 years old?

You will have an extremely difficult time importing vehicles to the US that are not at least 25 years old. Can it be done? In theory, yes. But I have read extensively about the process and it is very, very expensive and difficult -- if not impossible.

Look for any vehicle that is 25+ years old.  Maybe you found this site accidentally and have a different vehicle.  Shoot us an email (using the contact form above) and let us know what you have.

What are the total shipping fees?

Hard to say. We import Toyota Land Cruisers from all over the world and shipping fees and export fees vary. 

Can you change the VIN number to fit into the 25 year rule?

No.  See video to the left where Customs crushes a Land Rover Defender that was brought into the US illegally.

Do I have to pick up my Land Cruiser at a port? I live in Colorado?

We can help you arrange ground shipping to your home.

Customs doesn't want to keep your shipment.  They want it moved out as quickly as possible, so having your ducks in a row, so to speak is the way to do it.  Read the first FAQ and get the forms you need and get it done.  It really isn't difficult.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply fill out our contact form above these FAQs.  That will get the ball rolling.

Do you import other brand cars?

Yes.  We will look at cars on a case-by-case basis. Contact us and let's get started.

How do I register my vehicle in my State?

Registering a vehicle differs from State to State. While the import process of a vehicle that is over 25 years old is relatively easy and strait forward, registering a vehicle may be a bit more challenging depending on your State's laws.  We have started a page that links to the separate State's websites where you can get specific information on your State's requirements.

Check out the State-Specific Page

Vintage Land Cruisers For Sale

Not much will hold it's value like a vintage Toyota Land Cruiser. We would love to help you import yours to the US.  Grab up a great Land Cruiser and be the envy of everyone in your city. If you want to stay local, here are a few eBay sales going on right now.

When do I own the car?

You own the car prior to exporting it. If you do not own it, you will have tremendous difficulty importing it and even more trouble registering it to drive.

Can I see another car get crushed by Customs?


Importing Toyota Land Cruiser to USA

Why are vintage Toyota Land Cruisers so highly sought after in the United States? Because there were an extremely LOW number of them imported by Toyota. But, in other countries, it is a completely different story. I have seen them around the coffee farms in Central America, on the streets of Brazil and parked around town in Italy. For years and years, farmers in the coffee regions have used these vehicles to help on their farms. In Brazil, many were produced for the military because they had to get where there were no roads. In the States, it is pretty easy to find the models prior to 1976. Those were imported in larger numbers. But try finding a BJ40 Diesel or a Bandierante from 1978-1991. Mucho mas difficult. Those vehicles fetch a hefty price in the States.  They were NEVER imported by Toyota into the states with the powerful diesel engine. They are more expensive than the FJ40’s.

Here is some interesting information from Wikipedia about the 1978-1984 Toyota J-Series Land Cruisers.

  • 1978 — The first BJ / FJ40 and FJ55 models were officially sold in West Germany with both diesel (BJ40) and petrol engines (FJ40 /55).
  • 1979 — United States-version FJ40s were updated this year with a new wider, square bezel surrounding the headlights.
  • Power steering and cooler were offered in FJ40s for the first time The diesel engine was improved, evolving into the 3.2 L 2B only in Japan.
  • 1980 — The H diesel engine (HJ45) was replaced by the 4.0 L 2H engine (HJ47).[12]
  • 1981 — the Diesel version received front disc brakes and the more powerful 3.4 L 3B engine, and added LWB BJ45 with 3B.
  • 1983 — the last FJ40s imported to the U.S. were 1983 models (mid-1982 to mid-1983). It is unknown how many were imported by Toyota, but many guess the number to be around 300. In 1983 FJ40s typically bring a premium for their rarity, though they are not much different from 1982 models (mid-1981 to mid-1982).
  • 1984 — the North American market was limited to Canada with the BJ42, which had a 5-speed (overdrive) transmission that was widely sought. Originally around CA$14,000.

FJ40 for Sale